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Bioactive Naturalis Nutritive

Our top line for repair and restructuring hair, based on Cashmere Keratin and Panthenol, with at least 84.7% of natural ingredients.
The combination of the two functional actives ensures the repair of the keratin structure of the stem, and the maintenance of a state of well-being and hydration of the most deconstructed and damaged hair.

Farmagan Professional

Section dedicated to for professional use products.
Hair coloring creams, oxidizing creams, bleaching products, permanent and styling; formulated for an exceptional result, because your customers deserve the best.

Our treatments

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Point Barber

Whole range dedicated to the daily care of beards and mustaches, and not to neglect the styling of your hair and keep it as well as just out of the barber.
Thanks to a compound of natural ingredients, every day your ritual will become even more unique.

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