Art of Hair Beauty


Farmagan was born in 1935. Right from the start, the company has dedicated itself to the health and beauty of hair and scalp, and then quickly established itself in the field of trichological treatments thanks to the “Bulbocapillina”, an active molecule against all the most common problems of hair, like loss, dandruff and irritation.

Today, in our laboratories, all the products are dermatologically, clinically and microbiologically tested to measure their effectiveness and tolerability, always in compliance with the latest international regulations.


Thanks to our pharmaceutical expertise we are always looking for effective hair products, able to find a real solution to problems related to the health and beauty of the hair.
This is the company philosophy, the mission that animates the work of the research team committed in the creation of the different product lines.

Important investments, a careful training of the staff and a passion that translates into commitment, allow to create innovative and original products, able to overcome rigid quality controls.



The company respects strict guidelines for the production of the professional treatments.


Each production phase is controlled by specific and rigorous protocols.


Farmagan’s raw materials and production methods are always in harmony with the environment.


Every single production batch is tested for compliance with the approved standards and already subjected to stability, effectiveness and safety tests to ensure consistent performances over the time.