Bioactive Hair Treatment D-control Essence Antidandruff Essential Oil


Hygienic and cosmetic lotion with Birch, and Chinchona Extracts and Provitamin B6 and PP.

Specific essential oil for scalp prone to dandruff is oily it dry. The combined activities of a specific pool of essential oils (lemon oil, eucalyptus and mint) protects the scalp, improving the general state, supports the reduction of flaking contrasting the recurrence of dandruff and sebum secretion. It returns to the hair shine, volume and softness. The product is also enriched with Piroctone Olamine, carboxymethylcysteine, Zinc, Vitamins B6 and PP and sage extract.

  • No SLES – SLS
  • High tolerance
  • Nickel, Cobalt, Chrome, Palladium, Mercurio Tested
  • Colouring free

30 ml (Ref. F43V00100)

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