Bulbo Capillina Vitalize Fiale


96,5% ingredients of natural origin

Cosmetic ampoules for external use, shock action, anti-fall adjuvants, useful for maintaining the hair in the best conditions of vitality.
The treatment brings softness to the hair, docility and lightness.
Use preferably in cycles of 10/15 applications during a month or so, on hair previously washed with Bulbo Capillina Vitalize Shampoo. For a preventive and maintenance cosmetic action, the use of Bulbo Capillina Vitalize Lotion is recommended.
How to use: Break the ampoules with the appropriate bottle breaker and apply the spout. Apply the contents of a vial to the hair root and massage gently with your fingertips.

Available in 10 single dose 7.5 ml ampoules

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